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Amelia by George Purefoy Tilson
Amelia by George Purefoy Tilson
LynchPin Productions presents: Amelia by George Purefoy Tilson

Electric Theatre, Onslow Street, Guildford, Gu1 4SZ

Date: Tuesday 16th April

Time: 19:30 – 21:15

Tickets: Full price £11  Students: £5.50

Full Production - A fascinating play about the enigmatic 1930's aviator Amelia Earhart which explores the woman behind the myth. 

Q&A with the playwright after the performance.

Online booking subject to a 5% booking fee per ticket (capped at £5 per transaction)
  • LynchPin Productions
  • "Lost in the vastness of the sky, I have only myself to confront."
    A fascinating play about enigmatic 1930'[s aviator Amelia Earhart. As well as her record-breaking flights, she was a pioneering role model. But who was the woman behind the myth? Threads of her life from childhood onwards unravel before us, peppered with songs of the period. Glimpsing the events and relationships that formed her, often in her own words, we watch how her love of flying and adventure grows to the point where she takes off and doesn't look back.
    Directed by Claire Parker

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