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George Abbot Walk - Guildford Town Guides
George Abbot Walk - Guildford Town Guides

Date:  14 September 
Time: 11.45am
Venue: Meet at Tunsgate Arch
Suitable for children 10 years and over. Please wear suitable clothing to be comfortable in as most of the tour will be out of doors in the town streets with limited places for shelter.

George Abbot’s life was one of extraordinary achievement and tragic events: a real-life battle between George and the Dragon. 

George Abbot was born and went to school in Guildford. He rose to national prominence at the Court of King James 1, becoming Archbishop of Canterbury. He is most remembered in Guildford for Abbot's Hospital, the magnificent alms house which he founded - still fulfilling its original purpose nearly 400 years later.  

Less well known is Abbot's interest in the  geography and politics of his times and the significant role that he played during a turbulent period in British history. Also the tragic accidental death of a game-keeper, killed by Abbot. On this walk, you will hear the fascinating story of George Abbot's life, its highlights and disappointments and visit locations in Guildford that were significant in his life, including the Royal Grammar School, Abbot's Hospital and Holy Trinity Church

  • Suitable for children 10 and over
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