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Hidden Guildford Walk - Guildford Town Guides
Hidden Guildford Walk - Guildford Town Guides
Venue: Meet at Tunsgate Arch
Date:  9 November at 10.00am
Suitable for children 10 years and over. Please wear suitable clothing to be comfortable in as most of the tour will be out of doors in the town streets with limited places for shelter.

We take you beyond and behind the High Street and recall the quirky facts and forgotten stories that deserve to be remembered.
  • Suitable for children 10 and over
  • The walk starts by encouraging you to look up at the history and architecture above the shops in the High Street. We visit Holy Trinity churchyard to see timber framed buildings dating back to the 15th century and on into Spital Street to find the boundary stone.
    Then we find the sculpture by Edmund Russell linking back to Guildford's industrial heritage based on the wool trade. Walking along Chertsey Street, Martyr Road, Ward Street and into North Street allows you to explore how the town has developed.  We also note some more unusual spots, including an underground air raid shelter and the pub bombed by the IRA in 1974.

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