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Kings Worthies & Scoundrels Walk - Guildford Town Guides
Kings Worthies & Scoundrels Walk - Guildford Town Guides
Date:  15 September
Time:  2.30 pm
Venue: Meet at Tunsgate Arch

Suitable for children 10 years and over. Please wear suitable clothing to be comfortable in as most of the tour will be out of doors in the town streets with limited places for shelter.

Over the centuries, Guildfordians have seen royalty, traitors, murderers, preachers and more passing through - your guide has the low down .

Find out which king was behind the building of Guildford castle and who stayed at Abbot's Hospital before their execution. Who won the first VC in WWI? Why 'The Surrey Scholar'? Why is The Chestnuts an important residence? Who was Christopher Slaughterford, and why was John Dennis fined £1?

  • Suitable for children 10 and over


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