Lewis Carroll Walk - Guildford Town Guides

Venue: Meet at Tunsgate Arch
Date:  14 September at 2.00 pm
Suitable for children 10 years and over. Please wear suitable clothing to be comfortable in as most of the tour will be out of doors in the town streets with limited places for shelter.

How did a shy, introvert young mathematics tutor interest Queen Victoria and became a global phenomenon?

This walk celebrates the life and times of the Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, his connections with Guildford and the surrounding area. The Chestnuts, the Alice Garden and St.Mary's Church form a major part of the tour, together with the museum's collection of memorabilia. Hear how he spent his days writing, visiting and taking photographs.

When & Where

Tunsgate Arch
Plenty of tickets
Saturday, 14 September

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  • Suitable for children 10 and over