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Tennis - Sunday 3rd October 2021
Tennis - Sunday 3rd October 2021

Date: Sunday  3rd October 2021

Where to Play: Sutherland Memorial Park, Clay Lane, GU4 7JU
Price:AdultCourt - £
7.50; U18Court - £6.00; Students Court -£6.00; Registered  Unemployed Court - £6.00; Over 60's Court -£6.00
Online booking subject to  a 5% booking fee per ticket.

By placing this booking, you confirm  acceptance of  our sports terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of hire are  available on our website and will be attached  to your booking.

Players will be issued with a code to unlock the gate, thiscode  will be found on your ticket.

  • Your ticket gives you access to one of the courts for an hour.
  • 4,3,1
  • Please bring your own equipment as none is provided.
  • Personal Basket